Imaginary Fashion Bloggers



Ellie is wearing:

Dress / Legend Sweater Dress at Fancy French Cologne
Leggings / Hue “Ultra” Wide Waistband Leggings
Shoes / worn earlier


2 thoughts on “Ellie

  1. I really love your site! The drawings are beautifully done and each character really seems to have a personality that is shown through their style. I was just wondering, have you ever considered writing little “fashion blog posts” for each character when you post what they wear? I think that that could really make it seem like they were real people and tell their story a little more. It could be something like this (I’m using this post as an example):

    (Told from Ellie’s point of view)
    Hey guys. Nothing brightens up a gloomy gray tuesday like a cheery print! I seriously love this sweater because it’s thick enough to just be worn over leggings but not so heavy that I’m totally overheating. A lot of people are talking about “legging etiquette” these days ’cause so many people are wearing leggings as pants. I say, hey! As long as your underwear doesn’t show, you’re fine. Isn’t that kind of the rule for all clothes? But seriously, I think that the leggings-as-pants trend is fine when you wear something long over them, but gets a little iffy when your shirt doesn’t cover your butt. Anyway, just a quick word about these shoes before I go. SO. VERSATILE! These flats are great ’cause they’re in such a neutral color. They go with anything and hold up to all kinds of weather.
    That’s all for today! I hope everybody has a great Halloween!
    Love, Ellie

    How does that idea work for you?

    • Hey Isabella! Thanks for your comment 🙂 I love your post for Ellie! I feel more comfortable as a drawer rather than a writer (of fiction, at least) but they definitely have personalities in my mind…I think Ellie’s pretty reserved and maybe a little too cool for school to have a really friendly and verbose blog post, but I think your tone would be perfect for Cecily hahah 😛 Love these suggestions! Maybe someday I’ll write something…

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