Imaginary Fashion Bloggers



Imaginary Fashion Bloggers is a super girly self-indulgent illustration project I dreamed up in order to justify spending too much time online looking at pretty dresses, while still escaping spending money or having to take twelve pictures of myself every day.

It is also an exercise in drawing like I did when I was little–by which I mean drawing girls and clothes, making up characters, and not getting too self-conscious or worried that this art is not for a job. Also being really obsessed with paper dolls.

If a link is broken or expired, you can probably find the reference image I used (and hints at what might be up next) on my very messy Pinterest.

Kindred spirits:

The Sea of Fertility
Paper Fashion
Rose a Petits Pois
Art at Audrey Grace


When I was 3, my mother noted in her sketchbook some important proclamations I had made about myself. They were: “I like to draw, and changing my clothes”. Decades later, not too much has changed.

Anyway, I’m Alice! I’m an illustrator & designer in Los Angeles. Here’s where you can find me:, my portfolio site
alicke, my blog
alicke at etsy, my shop
Alice Got Lucky, my (lazily updated) tumblr
@TheRealAlicke, on twitter

If you have any questions, please say hello!

Please feel free to post about Imaginary Fashion Bloggers and use whatever images you would like in order to do so–however, please do not edit my images, and please always credit me and link back. Thanks!


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