Imaginary Fashion Bloggers

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I’ve been running around like crazy the past week and a half (including a jaunt across the continent) and am sad that the timing of ModCloth sending some new readers this way (thank you! Eeee!!) coincides with my busiest and least productive time since the start of this blog. In consolation I offer the following:

–some travel sketchbook peeks on my personal blog

It’s ok to care, a blog that cleverly melds drawing, writing and celebrity gossip (I know!!) and just so happens to be written by one of my favorite people on earth who I have known for almost 3 decades and who just continues to get radder. Really–it’s insightful and funny and gosh she’s just such a good WRITER AND DRAWER YOU GUYS GO LOOK AT IT.

I hope that we will return to regularly scheduled programming next week! (Also does anyone want to sell me a car?)


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Sorry folks, the imaginary fashion bloggers are on vacation this week. By which I mean I, Alice, am on vacation this week. Check back next week. Maybe they will be tanner (probably not, because my vacation is to the northwest).